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  • GGCB playing in Carmel

    GGCB plays a few venues beyond Greenwood. Here we took the show in Carmel.

  • Big bones section at rehearsal

  • French Horn section playing in Carmel

    Attend our concerts or join the band, you will see why our participants are so devoted to performing music that entertains the crowd.


Entertaining and Engaging

With selections carefully chosen by seasoned band directors, you can expect to experience live concerts that speak through the language of music.
Concert Schedule


No Auditions Required

Most rehearsals take place in the band room of Greenwood High School on Smith Valley Road. When sometimes rehearse in other locations. Rehearsals are Thursdays at 7:00.


Greenwood is Listening

Our sponsors know their donations are providing a great service to the Greenwood community while boosting visibility within their local market.

What's next?
Greenwood's greatest gathering of musicians happened on August 29, 2015! Gallery coming soon!