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thriller dancers wanted

Zombies Wanted — Undead or Alive!

We Need “Thriller” Dancers Now is your chance to learn the Thriller Dance with FREE professional lessons. And, if you dare, you can be among the group of dancing zombies on stage for a live audience at our 2016 Halloween Concert in Greenwood! Together with Vincent Neff from Fred Astaire Dance Studios (Southport Road, Indianapolis) we put together a video

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Unheard of Instruments in the Saxophone Family

Rare, Unusual, Odd Saxophones I started to share this video about unheard of saxophones with my fellow sax quartetians via email, but decided other people might enjoy seeing it, too. With that being said, if you have any interest in saxophones and oddball variations thereof, you will enjoy this video. What’s the most unusual instrument you have ever played? Post

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Practice Trumpet All Day

Worth watching: Something worth noting about the discussion topics that arise in social conversations among band members almost never include work life. When you come to band, leave your work at the office. Enjoy the music!

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Greater Greenwood Community Band Concert Time-Lapse Video

Here’s the band’s current “Official” video, if there is such a thing. It’s fun to watch all of the activity that goes on at our shows! What you are seeing here is the Children’s Concert we played on Sunday, July 13, 2014. TURN UP YOUR SOUND! With so many musicians in the band you can see a flurry of activity

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Have you seen the trombone cows video?

Play Till the Cows Come Home! Ok, this is simple country fun with a trombone. It makes me wonder how often the farming members of our band have played music for their own livestock. Watch it to the end. ‘Nuff said. That’s the trombone cows video. One guy. A few cattle. Views in the millions.

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The Virtual Choir

This is a fine example of technology’s power to introduce a whole new way to perform music. Anybody with a voice plus a computer or smartphone equipped with a camera can sing and be heard. The results of Eric Whitacre’s project to collect a mind blowing array of real faces and voices to assemble a virtual choirs of 8,409 videos

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