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Mission Statement: "To reconfirm the presence of the community concert band in present day American music"

With around 90 active performing members, Greater Greenwood Community Band has plenty of activity to create tons of memories. From weekly rehearsals, formal concerts, and informal social get-togethers, our organization brings people together around a theme of the universal language known as music.

This page contains a compilation of some of our group’s snapshots and other scrapbook-worthy material.

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Tom Dirks, Greenwood, Indiana
Tom Dirks, Director

Photo Galleries

Mark Myers is a professional photographer in Greenwood who happens to be a fine trumpet playing member of our band. You can see samples of his work throughout our site, but also check out his photos of our band here:

With so many great images, we want to thank Mark Myers for his photo contributions as being one of the best photographers in Greenwood, Indiana.

If you would like to purchase print copies of any of the images, you may do so through the SmugMug gallery.

Garfield Park Concert, 2017

One of the things people remember about this concert was the heat. Even at 7:00 in the evening the thermometers were still hovering near the 90 degree mark. But, that was just a warm-up for an even warmer concert we had coming the following weekend in Terre Haute.

"Hoosiers In Holland" - Our Music Ambassadorship tour of the Netherlands June, 2017

Undoubtedly the most adventurous undertaking our organization has ever attempted, we embarked on a music ambassadorship from Greenwood, Indiana to the Netherlands.

Our original event pages for the concerts have been updated with collections of photos contributed by our attending band members. See the following links:

Also check out the article about our Netherlands trip in the Daily Journal.

Older photos of us as younger players

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